Eyebrows are structures that are very effective in creating the mimic effect of the eyes and the whole of our face, almost being the voice of the eyes.

Sometimes frowning, sometimes upturned, sometimes down; they are structures that give different messages with their heads and tails and the movement of their different parts.

The bad position of a structure that gives many messages with its every movement or its displacement with gravity over the years may cause the person to have an image that they do not want to be and to give a tired sad message.

As such, it is our duty to provide what should be without harming it or to restore what is corrupted.

For such initiatives, our fundamentals;

– A long lasting result,

– Meet expectations,

– Natural outcomes

It begins by advancing with the basic rules and evaluating our patients by respecting their individual situations.

We emphasized why eyebrow lifting is necessary and the importance of eyebrow movement, but what do we pay attention to in the intervention techniques of eyebrow lifting? The position of the hair and the presence of skin wrinkles are effective here. While endoscopic methods cannot be used in a person with a very open forehead and a back hairline, endoscopic approaches can be preferred in a person with a very low hairline and narrow forehead.


Endoscopic brow lift surgery is an upward fixation procedure applied to remove sagging subcutaneously in the eyebrow and temple area by entering through two small, well-hidden incisions in the scalp in the temple area. Entering through a small incision in endoscopic brow lift allows to solve many problems at once, from this incision to brow lifting, raising the eyelid, and even correcting the cheek sagging processes in the mid-face area.

Sometimes structurally, sometimes with the effect of gravity and aging, eyebrows and eyes hang down contrary to what looks beautiful and attractive. With endoscopic brow lift surgery, agglomeration and excess skin under the brow tail can be prevented, and a slanting eye is obtained on the outer edges of the eyes. In the endoscopic brow lift process, unlike the rope hanging technique, the operation is highly effective and permanent with the subcutaneous release and subsequent fixation.

They say the tool works, the hand boasts; here is a situation where we can create a succinct saying like the surgeon rejoices as information processing. This saying lies on the basis of many applications such as cat eye, cat eyes, bella eyes, fox eyes, almond eyes, which enter through a small incision and are very popular today. To be able to provide the desired physical change by respecting sensitive structures such as the facial nerve with the right anatomy knowledge.

Undoubtedly, undesirable results may occur in these procedures, as can the smallest surgical intervention, if the knowledge of surgical anatomy is not available.

The fact that we have been dealing with only the face for years, that we are constantly organizing cadaver courses and giving trainings, aims to transfer this surgical anatomy knowledge to the relevant physicians.


The operation is a procedure that must be performed under general anesthesia in the operating room environment and takes approximately 2 hours. Swelling and bruises may be seen around the eyes after the operation. Swelling and bruises can be minimized with the ice compress applied after the surgery. Since the incisions made in the surgery are in the scalp, there is no visible scar after the endoscopic brow lift surgery.


Applying ice to the face after brow lift surgery is an important post-op care. It keeps swelling and bruises to a minimum. After the endoscopic brow lift surgery, the patient may have difficulty in making gestures and facial expressions for the first few days due to the applied stretching. This is caused by the collection and stretching of the sagging skin and is temporary. With the healing process, the damaged skin will be repaired and the face will return to normal as the face gets used to the new skin tension. In our patients, a significant recovery is observed between 7-10 days and after the control on the 7th day, our patients usually return to their normal lives.


The effect is seen immediately after the operation. In the first two weeks, the lifting effect can be seen very intense and artificial. At the end of the two-week period, the targeted effect is seen with a refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated natural stretching effect.

Coming to the end of our article;

We say: the eyes are the mirror of the heart, and the eyebrows are the highlight of the beauty of the eyes

We wish you all days full of health and beauty.